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Car Hood Cleaning and Repair Advice

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Car Hoods are designed in this day and age to withstand the perils of modern day living. Fabrics and cloths have evolved massively over the last 20 years and hoods can often last for several years without any major sign of wear and tear.

However, it is wise to look after your hood as prevention, is afterall, better than cure - and a whole lot cheaper too.

For cloth (Mohair) type roofs, we would recommend weekly washing down with a warm (not hot) bucket of soapy water. A few tips here as well...use a decent normal car shampoo - we really recommend AutoGlym's range as it's not too strong and lathers up nicely. Don't use a cleaning mitt on a cloth roof (especially not a sheepskin mitt because it tends to leave remnants on the roof. This can be removed by a brush but by using a sponge instead you shouldn't see any remains).

If you have a plastic rear window be VERY careful - if the temperature is cold and the water hot, it is possible to quite easily crack the plastic on older roofs as the plastic would have become more brittle following exposure to the sun and age.

After washing your cloth roof and hosing off with clean, cool water - allow your hood time to dry naturally. Once the hood is dry, or almost dry, use a stiff clothes brush to gently brush off any hairs and to remove any residue loose dirt/dust. Be careful not to apply too much pressure and try not to brush over the areas of the hood where it sits over the frame because this can cause the hood to prematurely wear slightly.

With PVC and Vinyl roofs, it's a lot easier. Simply use your car shampoo and a clean sponge. Allow to dry and to obtain that 'showroom' shine finish, we'd recommend using Autoglym's Vinyl and Rubber cleaner - it's a simple spray on, wipe in liquid which makes roofs look like new again.

If your hood has a plastic rear window, there's a fair chance your car manufacturer may sell a cleaner which helps remove the 'cloudiness' and 'milky' build up, as well as help keep it soft and supple (and less prone to crack). We'd also recommend 'Renovo Plastic Window Polish' - it takes a little elbow grease but can help to restore clouded windows to a more transparant and original state.

Glass Rear Windows can be cleaned with ordinary spray on glass polish and our recommended product for this is 'Nilglass' (great around the home as well!)

These products, and others, are stocked in our shop at our headquarters in Oxted, Surrey.

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