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New Caterham Dedicated Website

Posted in: ETC News

Good news, our Caterham Car parts dedicated website has gone live. If you are after a Caterham Half Hood, Caterham Boot Bag, Caterham Side Screens or Caterham Boot Covers is the place to go.

As you maybe aware we have been selling some of these products on eBay for some time now, but we are now proud to have launched a Caterham Specific Website.

Visit us today to see what we can offer, and as always you are welcome to come and visit our facilities.

eBay Shop Car Hood Sale, Old Warehouse Stock

Posted in: ETC News
Here at ETC we understand peoples love of driving with their Car Hoods down. With the Convertible Roof weather showing its face a little earlier than usual this year some of you maybe itching to replace your existing Soft Top with a New Hood for the Spring and Summer.

Replacing the Plastic Window in your Car Hood

Posted in: ETC News

European Trimming Company Ltd do not only offer full Car Hoods, but are also able to replace your Plastic Rear Window, depending on the type of Car Hood it is.


Very often in spring temperatures such as now, plastic rear windows tear very easily. Hardly any pressure needs to be applied to your plastic window in order to cause damage to it so lowering your car hood can cause fatal damage. People tape it up, and hope for it not to leak – sadly this does not always work.

New BMW Z3 Roof

Posted in: Robbins Auto Tops
Been having trouble with ill fitting BMW Z3 Hoods? Well good news as Robbins Auto Top Company LLC have been re-designing their Z3 Soft Top Roof. Originally the Robbins Z3 Hood was fairly basic in its construction  but this soft top has now been designed to include all necessary plastics and rubbers for an easy fit.

Buying a new CAR HOOD

Posted in: ETC News

Buying a new CAR HOOD
Not as easy as it should be...

Owning a cabriolet is a lot of fun, but when it comes to renewing the car hood, the fun seems to ebb slightly. Knowing about the different types of car hoods out there is one thing, but knowing which type of vehicle hood to use on your car is another. To try and help you get a better idea about the types of soft top hoods out there, and their different qualities, read this article. It might just bring all that technical jargon into perspective!